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You won't snatch my 'wife' from me, Governor Lagat tells rivals
Governor Lagat addresing mourners

Nandi County Governor Dr. Cleophas Lagat on Friday hit out at his rivals over what he claimed as attempts to snatch his ‘wife’.

Speaking during a funeral service of the late Rebecca Chepkazi- mother of Former Cabinet Minister Dr. Sally Kosgey, Governor Lagat shocked mourners when he referred to the governor’s seat as his wife and that he won’t allow anyone to snatch it from him.

“Hii yangu hii ni bibi yangu hii, hii hakuna mtu atachukua. Mtapotea tu njiani(This one is my wife, no one will snatch it from me. You will just get lost on the way),” said Lagat cracking up residents.

He said his competitors Senator Stephen Sang and Former Industrialization Minister Henry Kosgey had competed for the Senate seat in the 2013 and wondered why they were now salivating for his seat.

Governor Lagat also challenged his rivals to a political rally after the funeral service.

“I won’t answer my critics here but after this, we should go out there and hold a political rally,” said Lagat.

However, when she was given the mic, Dr. Sally Kosgey rebuked Governor Lagat over calls for a political rally and appealed to mourners to join her family in laying to rest their beloved mother.

“I have heard someone talk of a political rally but I want to sincerely request you our friends who have come to mourn with us that after this we go home and lay to rest our beloved mother,” said Dr. Kosgey.

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