Courtesy of NCOP ( NCOP)
A survey poll conducted by Elite’s from Nandi County Opinion Poll’s ( NCOP) on Tinderet Constituency show’s that the incumbent Member of Parliament is likely to Retain his Parliamentary Seat come August 8, polls.
The Research was done throughout 20th January and 19th February 2016. According to the Report by the team, it’s clearly seen that Hon Julius Melly is far much ahead in his track record’s and implantation of his manifesto’s.
“ If they make the right investments at the institutional (within Parliament) and grassroots (constituency service) levels, they can outdo their challengers. In addition, the latter investments trump the incumbent. In other words, come election time, voters tend to be interested in the answer to the question: what have you done for me lately? They expect an answer that’s much evident and visible in term’s of their promised Manifesto  ”
What exactly is constituency service? It is doing things like allocating bursaries, building schools,infrastructural developments, contributing to hospital or funeral expenses, employment, empowerment, electricity connection. In short, it is helping solve the localised and real problems that affect Wananchi at the Grassroots. The incumbent has achieved alot of credit in term’s of Infrastructure and Education sectors in the constituency, more so the Launch of Kopere- Timboroa Road by The President late Last year.

“ With these observations in mind, what we unearthed in our research is that for a long time MPs were constrained to the extent to which they could provide constituency service and hence improve their chances of Re-election. Politically, they could not dare to become more popular than local ethnic chiefs lest their get mistaken for trying to upstage prominent national politicians. Materially, their remuneration was simply too small to take care of all the needs of their constituents. The conclusion we derived from our research is that MPs will never be in control of their own political destiny as long as they remain under the tyranny of ethnic chiefs and do not have sufficient resources for constituency service, ” said NCOP lead Researcher.
“ Hon Julius Melly is likely to take the Day come April Nominations and August 8 Polls by 58.28% while his close competitor and Uasin Gishu County Secretary at  25.41% , Kenya Airport Authority staff Dan Kemei  10.23%, 06.08% have not yet decided to vote for the two as they still have time to judges on whom to vote for, ”