February 14, 2017

Kweli drug dealers wako na pesa! Female Kenyan law student dealing in narcotics arrested in Mombasa with 18.4 million shillings in two suitcases (Photos)


The war on drugs might not end very soon if the images we keep seeing are suitcases stashed with millions of shillings whenever drug dealers are arrested by the police.

Photos of the money recovered from drug barons arrested at the Coast have thrown the social media in disarray as some Kenyans for a moment thought the suspects had won a mega jackpot.

Five drug dealers were nabbed over the past weekend by the police in Mombasa with 17kg of heroin worth Kes 170 million.

Among the five arrested was a female Kenyan law student who Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa said was a girlfriend of one of the drug barons who is from Seychelles.

The drug dealers were nabbed with Kes 18.4 million in cash which had been stashed in two black suitcases.

Four posh vehicles belonging to the drug dealers were also impounded by the police at Bamburi Police Station