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1.He’s got the real grit-call it fire in the belly,but SILAS wants to be the governor and wants us to want him to be the governor.His LOVE for our county and belief in its prospects are impassioned and unfeigned.This is the character we need to position Nandi in the path to prosperity ✔

2.He’s ambitious,but his ambition stems from a desire to serve,where he believes that he is uniquely qualified to serve.He is a qualified accountant/financial analyst/ economist..he is simply the right person for the job.You don’t plant maize and expect to harvest wheat..you don’t elect for example a lawyer and expect to plan and manage county finances ..We will reap what we sow if we elect SILAS.

3.Our health care system is not only broken but it’s not sustainable,Since  Health care is a human right,He will provide free county health care and maternity services.By also ensuring all healthy facilities are adequately staffed,equiped and stocked.This will go long way in improving the quality of healthy care and saving lives in our county.Omeche chi neu nee??

4.Nandi can be the most fertile region in the whole world,but without functional roads farmers efforts will be in vain,Silas plan is to pursue the task of roads development by equipment acquisition for each ward ,graders ,tippers and compactors and also acquire murram site in each Ward.This will ensure our roads are regularly maintain and this will open up the rural Nandi.

5.At the moment every Nandi family wakes up to the challenges of fees arrears.With the county 6bn budget Silas will set aside a bursary kitty which will gather for Free fees  to Nandi students in secondary schools in form of bursaries,this is brilliant, isn’t? Families have sold all the cows,some shambas,our fathers and mothers are almost walking bare footed in expense of our fees,Lets halt this  scenario, “Ongimungchi sikik chook” .These money should be channel to improving our living standards,but only if we elect SILAS KIPRUTO ✔

5.Nandi deserve a brilliant leader not just a politician.Governor post require a finance manager,it is a management post,political posts are MCA,MP,Senator and women reps,as duty to them is to legislate and oversight, But Governor duty is to manage financial resources,diagnosis procedures and implement right strategies 
SILAS KIPRUTO is a perfect choice as per the above

7.90% of Nandi households have atleast one cow..One of the pillars of SILAS’s manifesto is to provide free dip services to all Nandi Farmers,Beside this subsidized and quality A.I services will be availed to farmers.we belief improving agriculture is equal to improving Nandi because it is one of our major source of Income. SILAS will prioritize agriculture.

8.He’s electable – more moderate than any other major aspirant,Silas would appeal to  swing voters needed to go through Nominations,He is an eloquent speaker who speaks passionately about his agenda to salvage the pride of our great Nandi county.Focus, principled and he is ready to adhere to his course of management of 6bn allocated to our county.

9.Nandi is in receivership and need a receiver manager where  only qualified accountant who is appointed to revive and create structures who is SILAS.lets elect him to bring about structures to build Nandi greatness again,structures to bring about servant and transformative leadership to the great people of Nandi. SILAS will deliver his mandate to the people of Nandi through his pillars in manifesto,this is the kind of leadership which Nandi Nation is thirst for.💦💦

10.Once beaten twice shy,we are all victims of ineptitude and eroded credibility of the incumbent Nandi county government.Silas working plan will be based on Transparency and accountability,this is the right scope of leadership to champion developments and progression in our county.

➡Vote SILAS KIPRUTO and progress in Nandi will sail at greater heights.
Signed ✍

#Team transparency and Accountabilty
#Great leaders are a blessing to humanity 
# Team tommorow is today✌

#God bless Nandi,God bless Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪