There were allegations that a Cattle Dip initiated by the County Government under the Patronship of Hon.Kipkurui Chepkwony,Mca Tindiret Ward had just been dug and left open without any full construction of the Dip for the Last Financial Year though the Funds were allocated.

“The Cattle Dip is wide open and poses alot of Dangers to the People and the Animal’s, We are going to set a day and mobilize the Community to Fill up the Holes left by the Contractor ”- A Resident 

The McA chipped in and wrote aletter to the CG boss and Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Finisherie addressing the issue of delayed works by the contractor who was awarded for the Year 2014/2015

“Soiyet Dip like have said over and over again that the work has been delayed by the contractor not us.Have even pushed hard and harder to get it done.Sometimes last year as a representative of the people ,when there was an outcry in the  community”- Mca

The Residents expect a speedy action to be taken by the Relevant Department of the County.