​The battle line has been drawn for the race of Member of the National Assembly (Tinderet) with two contenders who faced off in 2013 general election leading the race. 

Hon.JULIUS K MELLY,Mp Tindiret
One Peter Lelei, presently Uasingishu County secretary, who has been at the centre of many controversies, others relating to graft, has been struggling to divert the peoples attention from Melly’s impressive and undisputable development record, in a span of four years much has been achieved and Melly is poised to be leading contender in this race owing to his development record.

Peter Leley(yellow t-shirt),Uasin Gishu CS

On the other hand Lelei propagandas and handouts cannot be wished away as well; The man believed to have made away with more than 250 million shillings from Uasin Gishu County stuffed in various accounts has been claiming that he is the real and only Driver of the progress UASINGISHU county has made. Upon a thorough scrutiny of the statements he constantly makes and With regards to that narrative, it is believed that he is also behind the unnacountability querries surrounding the same county, if he claims that he is the Engineer of the developments witnessed, then he is also the same person behind the 4.5 billion UASINGISHU county funds that cannot be accounted for.

This is based on reports indicating how he has been, traversing Tinderet Constituency with UG Government Official vehicle splashing out money day and night with the hope of luring voters to vote in his favor. In his informal meetings he has negatively spoke about the most sensitive issues in the society just to play with emotions and obtain favor. 

Lelei is also reckoned as an upcoming force against the ambitions of the Deputy President, William Ruto, who is now the most celebrated and perceived as the ideal King in the Rift. Considering the statements he has been making in his campaigns, it appears that he has a soft spot for the opposition as he has been heard saying The Jubilee Government is not determined to serve the people of Tinderet Constituency and Nandi at large, regardless of the Many projects the Residents have witnessed from the government of the day, He claims that Jubilee will not construct the recently launched Roads and that they were only for PR Purposes. . Based on reports from the ministry of roads, and Kerra, The Roads will be constructed as surveys on the road were conducted this past week, thus, it is an assurance that the roads will certainly be done. 
On the other hand the little known Dan Kemei seems to be struggling, he is a promising competitor but he lacks confidence and enthusiasm, as he has on several occasions shared a podium with Lelei and seems to be enjoying a cordial relationship with him.. As an analyst I don’t how he can work with his competitors if he is not his political project, I want to won him that this is likely to send him to political oblivion, I invite him to study that mistakes that injured the reputation of Kalonzo Musyoka, history has proven that it’s it difficult to Vie, loose and succeed again in politics . If he is in the race then failure should not be an option to him, the statement that a leader is within in reference to leleis presence in a resent event did not go well with the residents. It appears as though none of them has an agenda for Tinderet but instead drool for power and nothing less..the people of Tinderet should be weary of such kind of leadership without an agenda for the people.